POSTED : Agenda and Meeting Packet for Nov 14 , 2018 meeting of Integrating Committee.

POSTED : DISTRICT 10 NRAC Nomination materials are attached. Deadline for nominations is midnight-MON-12-NOV-2018

POSTED : SECOND REQUEST – Materials to nominate Township and Village representatives to 3-year terms on District #10 Public Works Integrating Committee. Deadline for nominations is MON-22-OCT-2018.

POSTED : District #10 PWIC PY33/2019 Program Schedule and Deadlines.

POSTED : District #10 PWIC PY33/2019 Rating Criteria with Instructions and Income Index.

Attached : OPWC PY33/2019 Program Guidance and Estimated Allocations.

POSTED : Project Package PY32/2018.

POSTED : Project Package PY31/2017.

Program Update District #10 Chair Neil Tunison concurs with the Program Guidance released by the OPWC indicating that Capital Improvement Reports are not required as a pre-requisite for application submittal.  Local applicants and County Sub-Committees may choose to utilize the CIRs if they contribute to local/county decision-making.

Revisions : to District #10 Constituion and By- Laws approved May 18, 2016.



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