POSTED : Agenda and Meeting Packet for Nov 14 , 2018 meeting of Integrating Committee.

POSTED : DISTRICT 10 NRAC Nomination materials are attached. Deadline for nominations is midnight-MON-12-NOV-2018

POSTED : SECOND REQUEST – Materials to nominate Township and Village representatives to 3-year terms on District #10 Public Works Integrating Committee. Deadline for nominations is MON-22-OCT-2018.

POSTED : District #10 PWIC PY33/2019 Program Schedule and Deadlines.

POSTED : District #10 PWIC PY33/2019 Rating Criteria with Instructions and Income Index.

Attached : OPWC PY33/2019 Program Guidance and Estimated Allocations.

POSTED : Project Package PY32/2018.

POSTED : Project Package PY31/2017.

Program Update District #10 Chair Neil Tunison concurs with the Program Guidance released by the OPWC indicating that Capital Improvement Reports are not required as a pre-requisite for application submittal.  Local applicants and County Sub-Committees may choose to utilize the CIRs if they contribute to local/county decision-making.

Revisions : to District #10 Constituion and By- Laws approved May 18, 2016.



About District #10 PWIC

Tue, Apr 7, 2020 – from Linda Bailiff , OPWC DIrector

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Public Works Commission is deferring all July 2020 Loan Repayments with no payment due until the January 2021 billing cycle. Loan amortization schedules will be reissued and made available on our website in the forthcoming future to show no payment due for July 2020, with a six-month deferment for the life of the loan. Loan recipients have the option to make a double payment (for July 2020 and January 2021) in January 2021 which will be applied as an extra payment, or to make a single payment in keeping with the revised amortization schedule. There are no late fees or additional accrued interest as part of this deferral.”

Mon, Mar 30, 2:09 PM – Attached you will find the following :

(1) Correspondence from OPWC Director Linda Bailiff regarding the status of OPWC funding. “Considering the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic the capital bill for the next biennium is on hold. … Until funding is in place, Round 34 infrastructure SCIP and RLP agreements will not be released.”

Email from OPWC Director Linda Bailiff : Email -2020 03 27 – OPWC Update

(2) Spreadsheet identifying the PY34/2020 Project Package. Notwithstanding any changes during the review and approval process, those projects identified as LTIP funding will be released after July 1, 2020.

Project Package : D10PWIC_2020_34

The District #10 Public Works Integrating Committee (D#10PWIC) includes the Ohio counties of Butler, Clermont, Clinton and Warren counties.  The primary function is to deliver the grant and loan programs of the Ohio Public Works Commission which include the State Capital Improvement Program, Local Transportation Improvement Programs, and the Natural Resource Assistance Council.

The 24-member Integrating Committee of District #10 can be located at :

Membership Roster 2020-02

This site is maintained by Lori B. Libby on behalf of the District #10 Public Works Integrating Committee.  It is being stored on a free, public, website provider at no additional direct cost to Miami University or the Ohio Public Works Commission.

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